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This website was created for the purpose of explaining and applying for JPX-LEI and publication of JPX-LEI and reference data, and not for soliciting the purchase or sale of stocks, or individual investment.
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Please refer to the following page for JPX Group's policy on personal information.


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Matters to be observed for JPX-LEI Application

Compliance with JPX rules

When applicants apply for JPX-LEI through JPX-LEI portal site, applicants should comply with "Operational Processes of Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) Allocation". The contents of such rules may be changed by JPX.

Accuracy of application data

When applicants apply for JPX-LEI through JPX-LEI portal site, applicants shall guarantee the accuracy of their data.
In addition, when there is a change to the content of registered data, the registrant must apply for Changing Registered Data through JPX-LEI website without delay.
Applicants agree that the reference data shall be published on this site freely available for users.

Payment for allocation

Applicants will be charged for JPX-LEI Allocation fee and Annual Renewal Fee under the conditions prescribed in JPX rule. When JPX cannot confirm the payment by due date, JPX may charge additional late payment fee.

Terms of Use Template for the LOU

Please see below file.

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