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Q1What is JPX-LEI ?

JPX-LEI is a code to identify an entity or a fund that is a party of financial transactions (hereinafter referred to as “entity”) and it is allocated based on an entity’s application. JPX-LEI structure is defined by ISO 17442.

Q2Who requires JPX-LEI ?

Various countries' regulations oblige for entities to acquire LEI.
JPX receives application in Japanese or roman alphabet characters.

Q3Who can apply for JPX-LEI?

JPX, as a rule, accepts LEI application from an entity that wishes to be allocated a LEI (Self-registration). In addition, an application may be made by authorized agent. (Agent application).

Q4How long does it take to receive JPX-LEI ?

JPX, as a rule, allocates JPX-LEI and notifies the applicant within 5 business days after application with full documents.

Q5How will I be notified of my registered JPX-LEI ?

When application is approved, the notification email will be sent to the applicant's email address.

Q6What is the cost ?

LEI Allocation Fee is JPY 7,000 and Annual Renewal Fee is JPY5,400.

Q7What is the renewal process ?

When registered contents have a change, please switch to the latest information. Annual Renewal Fee shall be charged once a year even there was no changes to registered information.

Q8How can I pay for services ?

An invoice will be sent from JPX. Please make payments by the due date.

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